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27 August 2016, 12:21 am

The Chute

The Chute

Eric Gail: AdventuresInFineArtPhotography posted a photo:

The Chute

This is one of the most amazing places to photograph. La Jolla Potholes is one of my favorite local beach spots because of it’s interesting reef formations along the coast here in Southern California.
Recently, I was contacted by one of my favorite Flickr friends Jason Frye, He contacted me to inform me that he would be heading to San Diego and wanted to know if I would like to meet up with him and do some shooting. Being the outgoing photographer that I aspire to be, I couldn’t refuse. “Not that I ever considered it” I have always been impressed with Jason’s wonderful photography and jumped at the chance to meet the guy behind the photos. Later that week another Flickr Friend David Colombo with which I have been chatting and just missed out in the field on my last outing, noticed that we were going to meet up and mentioned that he lived there in SD. I invited him along to get the chance to meet another accomplished photographer and better yet, one that lives nearby. We all met at Cuvier Park about an hour before sunset and spent that time getting to know each other. As the sun dipped towards the horizon we expected to see a throng of photographers appear as this was a Saturday night and it’s usually a zoo there on Saturdays. Jason and I had also been watching the weather and were somewhat downtrodden at the boring forecast for that weekend, but I didn’t want to miss out on a chance to meet a couple of awesome people, so I made the 2 hour drive down to SD even though the forecast called for “boring.” If you have been following my exploits here on Flickr then you probably already know I like to meet the people I follow if at all possible, to talk about their photos and find out more about them and their photography aspirations. Which is now one of my favorite pastimes.

As we talked, we watched as the colors in the sky began to change to subtle hues of orange and pink and we decided it was about time to hit the reef. We shot for about 30 mins which was all the time we were gifted with this particular evening. During that time I only saw one other photographer show up. 3-4 others showed up after all the color was gone from the sky but that was alright with us, we had our bounty in the card. Later we decided to have some dinner so that we could chat and share some more. We wrapped up at around 10pm and said our farewells. I remember as Jason and David drove off, I thought to myself how much of an impact Flickr has had on my life in the last two years and thanked my lucky stars to have such amazing friends and followers here on Flickr. I can’t think of any other social site that has such a profound effect on it’s members.

I would like to take a moment to thank the staff at Flickr and all of my Flickr friends for your wonderful support and encouragement. You have all been such a powerful influence on me and my photography that “You” deserve most of the credit for my work. There’s a little bit of each and everyone of you in my photos. So, thanks so much too my Flickr Family. Have a awesome weekend and stay safe out there. and “May the light, be always in your favor” :)

If you have any questions about this photo or about photography in general, I will do my best to help, just post a comment or send me a Flickr mail and I will respond as quickly as possible.

For those of you new to photography, I would like to provide you with some very helpful videos that will help you get more from your photography. They were very useful to me while I was learning and I hope that they will help you out as well. Just click the link below and there are pre-made playlists on everything you could ever want to know about photography. I hope you enjoy them and as always my friends "Happy Shooting"


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